Full Album/Vinyl to be pressed!

My family and I are doing fine: we are aware of the global changings and fast evolution on Earth and help out wherever we can. At the same time, we are enjoying the stillness of daily life and the renewed connection with nature. It is as if Planet Earth is breathing again and we are all invited to step out of our collective burnout modus and experience a slower pace and more natural flow..

The last weeks I coordinated things for the Full Album 'Becoming Whole' and the pressing of the record album: Karolien Vinck delivered ... click read more

some amazing art work and Bob Seghers, my producer, took great care of the final mixing. At this moment the mastering will start up and straight after that the pressing process will begin: sooo exciting! Can't wait to hold that physical vinyl in my hand and place it down on the player. Just like in the old days ànd in line with today's trend ? And yes, a CD will also be made, just so you know!